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for prejuvenation + rejuvenation

Combination skin can be dry/normal in some areas, yet oily in other areas. It is common for the nose and forehead to be oily. Pores may be dilated and there may be blackheads


Combination of skin types with a greasy, oily T-Zone and dry in other areas. Can experience milia, broken capillaries and prone to blackheads or large pores.

  • oily forehead, nose and chin

  • enlarged pores around T-zone

  • can experience acne around T-zone area

  • large pores around T-zone

  • dry/normal in the cheek area

Recommended Care

Can be difficult finding skincare products because your skin is a mixture of oily and dry so it may be worth combining regimines for both dry and oily skin to keep skin balanced.

  • Use AHA/BHA Cleanser twice daily. This exfoliating cleanser will reduce oil, large pores, and dryness.

  • AHA/BHA Toner is highly recommended to use after cleansing.

  • Use Anti-Acne Spot Treatment to treat breakouts

  • Apply MultiVitamin or Night Rejuvenate

Tips for best results

Gently exfoliate using MicroDerma Scrub at least 3 times per week. This will reduce any dryness and flush out any clogged and enlarged pores. It is great to treat both the dry and the oily areas.

Night Rejuvenate is highly recommended because it has jojoba, which is an excellent moisturizer because it has a similar structure to sebum (the natural oils in our skin) and will help to balance the skin.

Best Products for combination Skin

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