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for prejuvenation + rejuvenation

People with dry skin have very small pores and more visible lines. Their complexion may look dull and/or feel rough, along with exhibiting patches of redness.


Dry skin comes with a wide range of characteristics that can be uncomfortable and cause premature wrinkles and fine lines.

  • skin can appear rough and dull

  • skin is less elastic but feels tight, especially on the sides of the face

  • pores and small and barely visible

  • prone to redness and irritation

  • flaky, itchy, matte, dull and coarse with uneven texture

  • prone to premature wrinkles and aging due to lack of oil

Recommended Care

Dry skin is prone to wrinkles so it is important to keep hydrated.

  • Use AHA/BHA Cleanser twice daily.

  • AHA/BHA Toner is recommended to use after cleansing because it is mild, does not contain alcohol and is not astingent.

  • Using Firme Derma or Cellumatrix is recommended to stop skin from appearing crepey and sagging.

  • Apply MultiVitamin or Night Rejuvenate.

  • Skin Protection Serum is highly recommended to use daily after your final moisturizer as it locks in moisture and stops environmental drying.

Tips for best Results

Avoid using hot water and harsh soaps with sulfates and alcohols that strip skin of natural sebum. AHA/BHA Cleanser is perfect as it is effective whilst being alcohol and sulfate free.

Gently exfoliate using MicroDerma Scrub at least 3 times per week. This will reduce any flakes from dry skin. Exfoliating also turns dull skin to glowing.

Multivitamin is highly recommended because it is rich in essential fatty acids, a superb emolient to combat dryness and condition dry skin.

Best Products for dry Skin

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