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normal skin




for prejuvenation + rejuvenation

Normal skin is well-balanced and has few imperfections. It's not overly sensitive and the pores are minimally visible. The complexion looks bright.


Least problematic so the best skin type to have. It is not oily or dry, and you barely see any pores, discolouration (age spots) or uneven tone.

  • smooth and velvety texture

  • fine pores that are barely visible

  • not prone to sensitivity

  • has a fresh, dewy-glow

  • skin is neither too dry nor too oily

  • rarely has break outs or redness

  • pores are not visible

Recommended Care

The easiest skin type to care for as your goal is to maintain your skin's perfect condition.

  • Use AHA/BHA Cleanser twice daily. If you choose to only cleanse once per day make it evening to wash off the dirt and grime from the day.

  • Toner is recommended after cleansing but not necessary.

  • Use serums or spot treatments to treat any concerns. Apply before moisturiser.

  • Apply MultiVitamin or Night Rejuvenate

Tips for best RESULTS

Since normal skin is not problematic, few corrective steps need to be taken.

Gently exfoliate using MicroDerma Scrub 3 times per week.

Using Eye Revive products is recommended as they are rich in antioxidants to maintain the skin's health around your eyes by fighting off free radicals.

Firme Derma is also recommended for prejuvenation and rejuvenation to turn back time and maintain youthful skin

Best Products for Normal Skin

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