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5 Reasons Why Using Quality Skincare is Important

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Skin care has been of great importance for a very long time, even back to Ancient Egypt. How we treat our own skin can be a reflection of how we treat our own self. The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) has stated "using skin care products and having the knowledge of how to use them can deter many common skin problems, premature signs of aging and even skin cancer". Quality ingredients in your skin care products will help to build resiliency and promote healthy, youthful skin; while poor ingredients can dry your skin out, cause breakouts, rosacea, or ezcema and lead to long-term damage and premature aging.

Here are 5 reasons why using skincare products with high quality ingredients is important:

1. Your skin is only as healthy as the products you apply.

While some popular products may have designer packaging and celebrity endorsements, it doesn’t mean that the ingredients are of good quality. Take time to consider and research the ingredients that are in the products you are applying to your skin.  There are two quality measurements of ingredients found in skin care – Cosmetic Grade and Pharmaceutical Grade. Pharmaceutical Grade exceeds manufacturing quality standards in North America and is more highly refined and monitored during production, removing bacteria and impurities from the products.  The Best Skincare uses Pharmaceutical Grade ingredients so you can guarantee your skin will benefit, both short and long term, from using higher quality ingredients.  Believe me, looking like a million bucks is worth the extra bit that results-oriented products may cost.

2. Your skin is your body’s largest organ

Your skin’s appearance is a gauge to your general health. A radiant, healthy, glowing complexion mirrors the health of your body on the inside and reflects a healthy lifestyle. Nourishing your skin with quality products is as important as taking quality vitamins, drinking water and eating healthy foods.

3. Protection from damaging environmental factors

Quality moisturizers and body products help to seal and protect your skin, both by retaining important moisture content and also by sealing out damaging particles that are in the environment, like pollution, dust, chemicals and harmful UVA and UVB rays.  Your skin is your defense system against foreign substances that can cause damage or make you sick. Skin is nourished and strengthened by the products you apply so make sure you are protecting this natural barrier and promoting healthy skin for your long-term health.

4. Help fight the look of Aging

Moisture content is key to keeping your skin looking young, and more important, healthy.  Starting skin care at an early age helps slow down the aging process, however, it’s never too late to start!  Fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, sun damage, discoloration, dryness and problem skin, that can start as early as the late 20’s, can be reversed with a dedicated skin care routine.  Quality products will alleviate any concerns about aging quickly by nourishing and restoring your skin’s vitality.

 5. How you feel about yourself and your appearance effects your quality of life

First impressions really do matter.  When you meet someone new, they make their first judgment about you within a matter of seconds to minutes.  Skin care is important to help you always give your best first impression.  Your opinion of how you feel about yourself always comes through - if you are feeling great and looking good, your confidence will shine!

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