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sensitive skin

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People with sensitive skin may experience redness, dryness, burning or itching - or a combination of these symptoms. These symptoms come and go.


Sensitive skin reacts to common ingredients so it prone to inflammation and irritaion. Sensitive skin is often dry and when it is irritated, skin can be red and patchy.

  • rosy cheeks, prone to allergic reactions, fine broken capillaries, rashes, spots, skin feels warm to the touch.

  • you experience negative reactions to many skin care products.

  • your skin can feel irritated and itchy.

  • you experience patches of dry skin from time to time.

Recommended Care

  • Cleanse your face with AHA/BHA CLEANSER. Avoid soaps and face washes that contain harsh chemicals and preservatives as they may dry and damage sensitive skin.

  • Use AHA/BHA TONER after cleansing. Never use a toner with alcohol on sensitive skin.

  • Using a quality moisturizer is important for sensitive skin types that require water to be locked in to prevent drying. Using MULTIVITAMIN twice daily is recommended and if you still experience dryness then add SKIN PROTECTION SERUM over your moisturizer as your last step.

  • Too much heat damages skin cells and can often cause skin rashes and diseases. Harmful ultra violet rays of the sun should be avoided by wearing sunglasses and using ZO DAY CREAM Tinted Sunblock. Also avoid the sun as much as possible.

Tips for best RESULTS

Always choose cosmetic products that are “Fragrance free” because most skin care products with fragrance may react on your sensitive skin and create problems.


Choose products labelled “No artificial colors”.

Use skin care products and make up that is non-comedogenic (won't block or clog pores)

Regularly change your face cloth, towel and pillow case. Always wash your face following your workout. Wipe down your headphones and phone regularly. Avoid touching your face. Don't pick or pop your pimples. Avoid wearing make-up and choose a quality mineral make-up if you must.

Best Products for sensitive Skin

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